Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Writing update

I really suck at keeping up this blog. I have a personal one that I keep track of friends with... and this tends to fall by the wayside. But Edits are progressing and I think by September this will be out in the hands of my test readers for feedback. And I will try to post more over here. I promise.

Project: Superhero YA novel
Editing Word Count: Lost track… up past chapter 18 though so over 20K
New Words: keeping even
Present Total Word Count:
Goal: 50000ish

Observations: Finally there is now more Maisie only Matt

Resolutions: Finish the edits tomorrow, write in the last scene then print this sucker out and really edit.

Things Accomplished in Real Life: Lawn mowed, groceries bought, cake backed and I found a cucumber.

Reason for Stopping: Heading off to gaming soon.