Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Project: Novel of DOOM (not a real title)
Deadline: Let's just call it 4/14/15
New words written: 3461
Present total word count: 86.915
Words for the year: 13,725 
Things accomplished in fiction: We're done. The heroes have met their fate and all the words are written, at least for now.
Things accomplished in real life: I was supposed to finish this last week while my kid was on spring break. Alas, the best laid plans fell apart and my week was spent entertaining the child during a week of rain, and cleaning EVERYTHING. We're at 90% ready for baby right now. 

The book is going to my crit groups, and I'm planning to ignore it for the rest of the month, maybe more if the baby shows up before the May 10th due date. Then I need to add some story, fix some voice and wording, cut clues, add clues and generally polish this up for beta readers. Hopefully the draft 2 version will go out before the end of summer and the querying will start by Christmas. 

This blog will go quiet again for a bit. My energy is so limited right now and family and craft come first. I have the next book percolating though. I'll be working on the outline intermittently and hopefully the first update for that will come before the new year. it's an excuse to buy new notebooks and index cards at least.