Saturday, August 9, 2014

Not a real update

Project: Novel of DOOM (not a real title)
Deadline: Self appointed Oct 1, 2014
New words written: About 3,000
Present total word count: 70,287
Words for the year: Approximately 22,915
Things accomplished in fiction: Edited chapter's ten and eleven. Mostly fixed chapter twelve. Broke up a giant block of text into sections up to chapter 18
Next up: Finish chapter 12 (only a few pages to go), start overhauling chapter 13 and 14. There is a huge plot hole I left here when I drafted this that as to be closed with the insertion of a huge new scene. Exciting but so much work.
Things accomplished in real life: I had my entire family over for the 4th with all the cleaning cooking and general insanity that entails. I went to Colorado for a week, and now we're trying to set up a new routine before school starts. Must squeeze in more time though.