Friday, April 12, 2013

Still here....

I've had some health issues this spring that have made my writing a little erratic, but I've written a little. More importantly I've started submitting.

I wrote two short stories for my Clarion West application this year. I did not get into Clarion (They take 18 people each year) however I did receive the "nice" form of the rejection letter where they said that the readers commended my work. I'm taking it as a good sign.

I've submitted both stories to pro markets now. One has received it's first rejection from Shimmer. And it was a lovely rejection. The issues they highlighted I can see in the story. It's off again at another market but if it gains a rejection there I'l probably try to revise the last half to get deeper into the emotions I dredged up in the beginning.

Maybe this summer I'll pull down my old MZB rejection letter and start my own rejection file. Meanwhile I'm back at short stories. I keep getting lost with the novels, way to much content and it's like trying to juggle 5 balls when your limit is two. I'm hoping the short stories will bring my ball count up.