Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And so it begins.

Hello and welcome to the pit of insanity, commonly referred to as the brain of D. M. Beucler. Mind the draco-kittens in the corner they bite, but don’t worry in here they don’t shed. I hope your journey here wasn’t too taxing. The labyrinth outside can be a bit convoluted. Oh yes, leave your swords over here please. You can pick them up on your way out.

Well ladies and gentleman, this where it happens. Why the writing of course. It’s a little bit dinged up and starting to show some silver but here is the head where her ideas come from. Yes D. M. Beucler is female. Her head and the rest of her reside in Ohio surrounded by cats, costumes, and enough novels to build a fort. When she is not currently writing about superheroes, sorcerers, spaceships, and swords (sometimes all at once) she is a LARPer, a Wench, costumer and musician.

Her goal in creating this space was to occasionally write about the process of her writing, hopefully not always in the third person. Over here you can find the pile of notes and pages of Massie’s story. It’s about half way done on the rough draft and watch out for the dust and cobwebs. It will need a very good cleaning before it’s fit to view.

Over here is Lily’s tale which is very sparse and delicate right now. Most of D. M.’s attention is take up with Massie at the moment. Well that is the tour. If you stick around D. M should be back in the next few days to comment with a less colorful version of her writing techniques, tips and trials. She currently scales more to the trials. In the mean time D. M. recommends some of the following links on the subject of writing to educate and amuse. Please do drop by again.

SFFWA The Science fiction and fansty writers of America.

Writer Beware This is a must read for anyone who is thinking of getting published.

Miss Snark This blog is complete but the archives are a trove of information about the nuts and bolts of publishing.

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