Monday, April 23, 2012

Avatar! Not the blue guys.

Hands up how many people have seen the Nickelodeon series Avatar the Last Airbender?  I think the television series is one of the best stories to hit TV.  It is aimed at children but the series covered a full arc of redemption, defining morality, sacrifice, and selflessness.  The shows five main characters evolve and grow in realistic ways so at the end of the three series arc they are all different yet still recognizable.

A very funny writer by the name of Ferrett Steinmetz suggested watching the series of Avatar (or at least the first season) and then watching the movie by the same name.  It's the exact same events that happen in the series, albeit tightened for time.  Yet the characters were stripped of the things that make us love them and they lost their growth and arc.  *Spoiler*  Aang in the television series begins as childish and flighty. As he begins to see how the world around him has changed for the worse he grows more focused but he doesn't entirely lose his sense of fun. In the movie he was serious at the start, and he stayed that way.  The movie had to cut events and play in shorthand what took about 8 hours and 2 episodes to do on the small screen.  But the end result was still a pale reflection of the original story.

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