Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Groundhog stew

A few weeks back, and just days before I drove to North Carolina, I found out that something had eaten the wires in my car that led from the transmission to the speedometer.  We got it fixed.  I drove down south and had a wonderful time.  Three days after I got back our little rodent friend ate them again.  Add in a broken refrigerator and a convention for my husband and you have a mess of chaos that's spilled into my writing.

I'm proud to say I've manage to write a non zero number of words.  It's progress.  I am still stalled out on chapter four.  In the mean time I passed my outline off to my writers group.  I am so very glad I did.  They pointed me towards a new opening and suggested some plot twists that I had overlooked.  I'm working on the new chapter one now, hopefully to finish this week, and then the chapters will be going up for critique.  Having a writer's group has been the best step I could have made.

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  1. I love my writer's group, too. My motivation, skill, and stamina all increased dramatically after joining.

    Best of luck with your writing and in dealing with that pesky varmint.