Sunday, June 23, 2013

Clarion Write-a-thon day 1

Well we started today with a ripple. I wrote 705 words of a short story this afternoon. It's in that messy middle stage where the beginning is stronger then how I ended it. That usually means I've miscalculated the ending somehow. I'll sleep on it and try to finish it tomorrow.

The goal this week is to finish my story early, say by Wednesday, and get moving on the next one. This week and the next are mostly open, but the week of the 4th and the weekend after and brimful of plans. If I can have three stories done before the 4th then the remainder should go easier. We'll see.

I'm still adding words to the novel. It's also mired, although there the issue is trying to find the best place to start it. Writing it at three ends at once fills a lot of brain-space. So slowly.

I'm editing as well. Cold and The Tannerspeak Witch have both come back from the last markets with rejections. I'm trying to tighten Cold and put a little more emotion into it. Tannerspeak is just getting a check. And Split needs it's final edits entered and I can get it sent out into the world. So far the two stories have garnered 7 rejections, 3 personalized. I see that as good progress.

If you are interested in supporting either of the Clarion Writer Workshops than I ask you to sponsor me. If you sponsor me with either of the workshops (and you leave a comment here or email me), I will send you a copy of all my write-a-thon stories (after they have been edited to coherence, probably early in autumn). And that's not all! (I've always wanted to say that!) If you donate I'll either, write a story based on a prompt from you (quality may be questionable depending on the prompt), add your name or a name you pick into the story (subject to negotiation as I don't fancy writing about Dick Arseface or the like), or if you are a friend I see with any regularity I will make you something baked, sewn, or crafted in some manner.

The links and information for donating is below. Now off to do some edits.

Clarion West's donation page.

Clarion SD's donation page.

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