Sunday, April 20, 2014

This is not really a blog post...

It only looks like one. I'm "borrowing" this accountability format from Cherie Priest.

I've been working a lot on the novel beast. This weekend I broke 60K. After writing 50k into it last year I dumped 11k of opening scenes in January and started act 1 over. It's a million times better. Right now I have mostly clean drafts of chapters 1-4 done. Chapters 5-7 are being edited right now, and chapter 8 is started, pending these revisions.

After that I have 2-4 chapters (I think) to write from scratch, then I can meet up with my 40k of act two material and polish that up. My goal is to be drafting act 3 by July and hopefully ready for beta readers to tackle the whole book by October? It will depend on how certain other life things work out.

Project: Novel of DOOM (not a real title)
Deadline: Self appointed Oct 1, 2014
New words written: 2,595
Present total word count: 61,860
Words for the year: Approximately 14,488

Things accomplished in fiction: Revised chapter 5 to be all the errands peppered in with gossipy clues. Started on chapter 6 where all the drama hits the fan and secrets start to come out.
Next up: Finish up the drama and reveals and move on to revising the gunshot scene.
Things accomplished in real life: Grocery shopping, dishes, cooking dinner, and became the Easter bunny.

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