Friday, February 26, 2016

Project: Secret Project (not a real title)
Deadline: Who the hell know at this point
New words written: 1080
Present total word count: 1080
Words for the year: 1080
Things accomplished in fiction: We have a beginning. I'm still figuring out the details, but I've set up all the files and started giving my Maisie a voice. 
Things accomplished in real life: Ummm. both a whole lot an very little. We had baby. Baby is adorable. Baby was born via C-section and 9 months later he still doesn't want to sleep. I've got the house running reasonably well. Writing wise, it's been pretty sparse. I have been trying to mark up my Novel of Doom manuscript so I can start doing some big edits... but right now I have about 2 hours a week to get anything done. What I need is a dedicated 2-4 hours a day to spend at my desktop processing edits, since the kindle updated itself out of functionality and the alphasmart is horrible for editing. But that time is not going to happen for a while. Meanwhile this story is taking up my brain. This fall child 2 will no longer be sharing out room, child 1 will be in all day school, and hopefully I can manage to work in nap times. 

Much as I adore my children, it's only 2 more years (and six months or so) until child 2 goes to preschool. That will start giving me 2 hours of time in the middle of the day. And 2 years after that he'll be in full time kindergarten. We're in the catch 22. I need time to write, and early morning won't work until I get more then 4 hours of consecutive sleep per night, day hours are fraught with interruptions every few minutes, and come evening I am usually brain dead. But these days won't last.

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