Monday, July 9, 2012

Still writing....

First drafts is eating my brain.  I've reached the time where I need to world build and outline.  If I had a neat and organized brain all of this would be done before I start drafting but I don't.  I have to dip my toe into the waters of the story for a bit.  The heavy bits of research are done, or at least a lot of them are done.  But now I need to find the structure of the story.  This part always goes faster for me.  I wrote at least 1300 words of outline [make that 2400, I stayed up a little to late] (not included in my draft) already today. Once I have a guide I am hoping my own word count will speed up and I can make progress.  I have a weekend "retreat" at the end of the month and if I can plow though a few chapters on my day away from the munchkin it will be amazing.  I want to be done with this before the snow flies.

All together now.... Get Back to Writing!

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