Tuesday, July 10, 2012

While we are on the subject of rough drafts....

I just did a scary thing.  I started this book back in early May.  It is based on an earlier story that I've been trying to find the right form for since I was in high school.  This time I think I have the right form.  Over the last two months I have been grinding out words slowly.  Computer troubles hampered most of May.  Time commitments have been dragging me down, but slowly I have managed to crunch out about 3k of story onto the page.  And yesterday I reached the gestalt where all my ideas just poured out and I wrote an outline for the story that is over 2k.  This from a gal who's daily word output has been 200 or less.  But they were the wrong words.
While I was outlining I realized that my character was starting in the wrong place.  There wasn't enough pressure on her to take the opportunities being offered her.  After all she was starting in a place where she had shelter, food and clothing. It needed to be worse.  Today I wrote the beginning of that scene.  And it's right.   The words flowed.  They aren't all the right words, but it's much closer then before.  I need to do a bit of editing with my old stuff to blend the scenes back together, but it's close.  There is a map to the end (or at least close to the end).

After ripping out the beginning:

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