Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On the matter of research...

I've been in full on research mode over here. My local library is pretty small and I haven't found a lot of books on the shelf that fit my needs, but my local library is hooked into OhioLink. I've been able to pull out some books from university libraries. The expanded selection is wonderful! Now I just need enough time to finish all of them!

Selecting the right books has been important. I'm working on something with a historical setting. One of the very best material I've found is actual period books. Right now I'm working through the Mirror of Graces written in 1811. I've found similar books on Project Gutenberg and Google books. On a side note I feel that for books that are out of copyright such as the Mirror of Graces or The Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (both written about 200 years ago) a free download is appropriate, if it's still in copyright though proceed with caution and common sense and don't pirate.

Another way I've been able to select the best books for my research is by asking a history majors. I've been lucky enough to be friends with one who as a focus in my current time period. I've had recommendations from other authors writing in the same period. Going through Wikipedia and checking their sources is another way to find information. And finally asking your local librarian. Happy reading.

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