Thursday, May 3, 2012

Query Tracker

I have an inner type A personality.  It might not be apparent when you look at my house right now (toddlers are walking tornadoes) but I love organization, tracking numbers, and spreadsheets.  This hits all my buttons right now.  Query Tracker

Query Tracker is a website that lists agents and lets you create an online database of agents to submit to.  And it lets you enter your submissions to an agent, track their responses, look up their average response times, etc etc. etc.  The best part.  It's free. Your inner type A's can thank me with housework :-p

This video explains the system much better then I did.  Check it out.
Please also remember to double check any agency or publisher with Writer Beware or Preditors and Editors.  Yogg's Law, and don't feed the scammers. 

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